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Airsoft Magazine https://pts-steelshop.com/collections/airsoft-magazine is a publication dedicated to the global airsoft community. It contains articles and reviews on new equipment as well as information and tips on upgrading, maintaining and using your existing gear.

Choosing the right magazine for your gun can make a huge difference in how much ammunition you can shoot before needing to reload. Different magazines can have different capacities and vertical grip compatibility.

High Capacity Magazines

The High Capacity Magazine works in a similar way to the mid-cap magazines except they hold more BBs. These types of magazines are commonly included with guns and are great for beginners or those who want to shoot without having to reload often.

These magazines have a reservoir that holds a lot of BBs with a wheel near the bottom to wind them up and feed them into your gun. When they are ‘wound up’ they compress an internal coil spring which then drives the gears inside and feeds the BB’s into your barrel.

Many airsoft enthusiasts will use a file to grind down the raised edges of their magazines so that they fit into their gun’s magwell more easily. This makes the magazine easier to load and fire, as well as preventing it from leaking. It is also a good idea to clear out any trapped air bubbles in your magazine before you use it.

Mid Capacity Magazines

A mid capacity magazine works in a similar way to a high capacity but doesn’t make the rattling sound that often gives away your position. These are preferred by veteran airsoft players who seek a happy medium between BB capacity and reloading frequency.

Unlike the winding mechanism in High Cap magazines mid-caps use a tight spring to push BBs constantly into your gun until it is empty. This does require a little more maintenance than the winding mechanism and you will need to carry a tool called a ‘speed loader’ to load them but they also tend to be quieter and offer greater realism than High Caps.

The downside to using these is that you are going to need to carry a lot of BBs with you for your games and they may run out quicker than High Cap magazines. You may also want to think about whether the field where you play allows them as some fields do not allow high capacity magazines.

Adjustable Capacity Magazines

Airsoft Magazine are the key to a well-functioning airsoft gun. They have to be the right size, constructed from the right materials and configured properly. This is why there are so many different kinds of magazines available to meet the needs of every type of player.

High capacity magazines require you to open a trap door and pour BBs in before winding a wheel on the bottom of the mag which compresses a clockwork style spring that feeds the bbs up into your guns receiver bit ready for shooting. Mid cap magazines are popular with veteran skirmishers as they offer a happy medium between realism and speed of reloading.

Adjustable capacity magazines use a system of four cap screws on the top of the mag that mate with your gun to allow you to quickly and one time precision adjust the mag for an exact fit and to minimize wiggle when it is in place. This allows you to be able to adjust the capacity of the mag from a realistic 30 rounds up to 120 rounds for more tactical situations or when your support weapon is being used.

Drum Magazines

Although not as popular as the Hi-Caps and Mid-Caps, Drum Magazines have a dedicated group of fans. These devices, which resemble small ammunition boxes or drums, are heavier and more expensive than other mags, but they can hold far more BBs at once. They also require more care, as they must be ‘wound’ up and kept in good condition or the spring mechanism may break down.

Some drum magazines are manually wound, while others have an electric motor built in that winds them with a push of a button. This can make reloading much faster, but it does add another point of failure and requires an extra battery to operate.

Many airsofters have concerns over how drum mags will affect their maneuverability and gameplay. While these concerns are often unfounded, it is worth mentioning that drums do make it more difficult to take cover or pie a corner. Still, these magazines are a great choice for players who want to keep firing long into games without having to constantly change out mags or reload.

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