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Party Room Causeway Bay

If you’re looking for a unique party room  Causeway Bay https://losthk.com/party-room-game-causeway-bay/, there are many options to choose from. These venues offer a variety of games and amenities, and can accommodate large groups.

Located behind Sogo on Lockhart Road, Chrono is a cool party room with several cosy rooms. Each has its own theme, including the ’Causeway Bay’ room, which uses old Hong Kong as its blueprint, and the artistic ’Camping’ room.

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STORE Party Room is the perfect venue for a group of friends looking to hang out in Causeway Bay. It features automatic mahjong machines, PS5 games, a projector and more. The venue also boasts an indoor golf facility where guests can play indoors regardless of the weather.

Book your visit on HelloToby for great deals on this unique party venue in Hong Kong near SOGO and Lockhart Road. Choose from different theme rooms such as the ‘Causeway Bay’ room, the ‘Camping’ room and the artistic ‘Wooden’ room.


If you’re looking for the best hostel in Hong Kong, Yesinn is a great choice. Its central location gives you more time to explore the city. Plus, it’s affordable and has excellent facilities.

The hostel is within walking distance of the shopping center Causeway Bay and is near the MTR subway station. It also has free internet access in all rooms.

The hostel has 21 bedrooms, which may sound crowded but the rooms are large and well-designed. They include a private bathroom with a shower and a toilet.


Located behind SOGO on Lockhart Road, this cool party venue has a range of cosy rooms, each themed differently. These include the ‘Causeway Bay’ room, which uses old Hong Kong as its blueprint; the ‘Camping’ room, with its giant tent; and the artistic ‘Wooden’ room.

The Causeway Bay district is home to many unique event-ready spaces that can be rented out for a few days, weeks or even months. These spaces can be found in old warehouses, apartments and studio spaces.


If you’re looking for a fun way to spend your rainy day, party room Causeway Bay is the place to be. This modern gay sauna (formerly ACTION Sauna) offers three cosy spaces for you to let loose and have some fun. Get your vocals on with karaoke, play games or enjoy drinks and fried snacks at the bar.

With customizable food and drink packages, this unique space is ideal for milestone birthdays or corporate events. It features automatic mahjong, table football, pool tables, Switch, electric darts and beer pong.

Ocean Park

A special non-profit park, Ocean Park is aligned with WAZA’s animal welfare strategy and has a unique approach to conservation. Its exhibits are designed to make the most of the natural environment and provide enriching and engaging experiences for its animals.

This hipster-style venue is ideal for groups. It offers a number of games, including karaoke and beer pong. Guests can also enjoy a variety of snacks and drinks. Guests can also rent the room for a private party.


Blackroom is a hipster-style party space with three cosy rooms full of party games and facilities. It has everything from giant 1.5m-high Kerplunk and Jenga towers to pool tables, two projectors for movie nights, PS4, induction cookers – for hotpot dinners – and lots of comfy benches.

The district has many unique event-ready spaces that can be rented out for days, weeks or even months. One option is GoNature, a rock-climbing gym that has packages for both kids and adults.

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